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Engineering in 2024: Smarter Control, Data-Driven Ops

Updated: Apr 18

engineer looking at assets and data

Welcome to 2024, a year of innovation where we're not just doing more but doing it smarter.

As we embrace the potential of technology proven in 2023, it's time to leverage these advancements for more efficient operations. Particularly for engineers in operational roles, the introduction of smart control systems opens doors to optimising complex, real-world systems.

Smart control, underpinned by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), allows us to encode engineering strategies into models that learn from data and adapt over time. This shift from traditional control methods, like Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controllers, to data-driven models in smart control systems, is pivotal in managing dynamic, multivariable systems or scaling up operations where configuring controllers for optimisation purposes becomes impractical.

For an engineer tasked with optimisation, efficient time management is crucial. The goal is to focus on understanding the system and making strategic decisions that enhance optimisation, rather than spending a significant portion of time (like 20%) just updating settings for controllers. The emphasis on strategic oversight over routine adjustments can lead to more effective and efficient system management, maximising the impact of the engineer's expertise and efforts in optimisation processes.

Integrating AI and ML brings adaptability and learning capabilities; transforming control systems into dynamic entities that predict trends and adjust operations in real-time.They can analyse data, predict trends, and adjust operations dynamically - making processes smarter, safer, and more efficient across industries like manufacturing, transportation, and energy.

As we look ahead, the potential of smart control systems in automation and industry is boundless. Not only automation, but autonomy and Autonomous Operations.

We're talking about a future where systems don't just respond to changes, but anticipate and adapt to them, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness; leaving engineers to better spend their time on strategic decisions.

So, whether you're an engineer, a tech enthusiast, or just someone curious about the future of technology, the world of smart control systems is a fascinating journey worth exploring - and one that we aim to take you though with us. Welcome aboard!

Want to know more about Smart Control, Assets, and Autonomous Operations? Drop the team a line today, we'd love to chat!


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