The SIG Difference

Elevating business performance to a new standard of efficiency, reliability and control.

We've developed a simple and scalable workflow for rapid data-centric value delivery.

What would a project with SIG be like?

Modern Office

Systematic Value Creation

Rapid Iterative Capability

Prototype customised solutions

Actionable insight and automation





Connecting People, Processes and Technology

Data Engineering

Design Thinking



Proven suite of tools, processes and patterns

No project too big or small.

A flexible workflow to suit you.

Visual Project

Concept Development

Clearly defining ideas through a collaborative and co-innovative approach.

  • Define Problem Statement.

  • Identify Key Stakeholders and engage subject matter experts (SME's).

  • Identify data acquisition and integration requirements.

  • Discuss Data-Analytics and Machine Learning Options.

  • Set budget and timeline.

Concept Lock

Defined scope of work and collect data.

  • Collect and clean data.

  • Continue to engage SME's.

  • Determine scope of research and analysis.

  • Conduct exploratory analysis.


This is where the magic happens. Model development.

  • Build custom mathematical and/or machine learning models.

  • Perform rigorous sensitivities.

  • Continue to engage SME's.

  • Identify optimal solution.

Software Delivery

Custom and user-friendly digital tools and products delivered to your business.

  • Deliver digital product.

  • Integrate into business systems.

  • Provide staff with key information on the software assumptions, capabilities and applications.