The SIG Difference

Elevating business performance to a new standard of efficiency, reliability and control. We've developed a simple and scalable workflow to help your business step towards digital excellence.

Concept Development

Clearly defining ideas through a collaborating and co-innovative approach.

  • Define Problem Statement.

  • Identify Key Stakeholders and engage subject matter experts (SME's).

  • Identify data acquisition and integration requirements.

  • Discuss Data-Analytics and Machine Learning Options.

  • Set budget and timeline.

Concept Lock

Defined scope of work and collect data.

  • Collect and clean data.

  • Continue to engage SME's.

  • Determine scope of research and analysis.

  • Conduct exploratory analysis.


This is where the magic happens. Model development.

  • Build custom mathematical and/or machine learning models.

  • Perform rigorous sensitivities.

  • Continue to engage SME's.

  • Identify optimal solution.

Software Delivery

Custom and user-friendly digital tools and products delivered to your business.

  • Deliver digital product.

  • Integrate into business systems.

  • Provide staff with key information on the software assumptions, capabilities and applications.


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