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Network Optimisation and Control Solutions for the Energy Industry


Intelligent Software to Simplify, Streamline and Strengthen Operations

News: Intelligent Control Proven at Scale for Network-Level Optimisation of PCP’s.

Drive Simpler Operations with Smarter Machines

Get Started with AI-driven control & decision-support software tailored to your assets.

We combine domain knowledge, operational experience and advanced analytics to solve major energy sector challenges on accelerated timelines.

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The Value of Intelligent Software

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Save Time

Reduce Costs


Improve Sustainability

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Next-gen engineering applications for unified, intelligent operations

Why SIG Machine Learning?


SIG ML was founded to revolutionise the energy industry with more intelligent technology.


Industry Experience

Our team has extensive industry experience in the energy sector, providing deep insights into industry challenges and needs.


Proven Track Record

Our track record of successful AI projects for over two years after winning multiple international data science competitions showcases our ability to deliver tangible results.


Leaders in Intelligent Control

The first successful implementation of AI-driven, intelligent control for network-level optimisation in the Queensland gas industry.

What Clients Say

Engineering Team Leader, ASX100 Gas Producer

SIG have been instrumental in applying machine learning into our business. Whilst many other parts of the company are talking about it, we are actually doing it. We believe we are a “world first”’ in using a cloud-based AI model to optimise wells. SIGs capability in both machine learning and engineering have ensured a successful trial project where others have failed due to not understanding both.

We are now moving toward a large scale roll out and look forward to partnering with SIG and realising $Ms of value in our business.

Empowering people with simpler, smarter technology, to return home safely, sooner.

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