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Industrial Operations,

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Industrial AI.

Engineering-led, AI-driven systems to 

Optimise Asset



Industrial AI Solutions


Empowering efficient 
and innovative 
industrial operations.

Unlock the full potential of your industrial operations with ML-driven systems engineered for the modern industry landscape.


Our solutions are designed to enhance the capabilities of all professionals involved in industrial processes, from operators to managers, facilitating smarter decisions and optimised outcomes across all levels of operation.

NEXGINEER   Applications for optimised operations.


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Asset Surveillance

asset surveillance

Asset Optimisation & Control

Proactive failure identification

Failure Prevention

performance forecasting

Performance Forecasting

Operating Strategy

Operating Strategy

Intelligent tools built for industry.

NEXGINEER   Applications


Experience firsthand the power of our robust, pre-built industrial applications. These systems are crafted from advanced machine learning models informed by physics and engineering, creating powerful tools that streamline tasks such as surveillance, optimisation, failure prevention, forecasting, and strategic decision-making.


These applications are not just for engineers; they're for anyone in your organisation who needs to harness data to drive better results.

NEXGINEER   Platform


Our platform enables the on-demand execution of ML-driven optimisation models, empowering your teams to customise and integrate self-learning, data-driven systems into their everyday workflows.


NEXGINEER is equipped to enhance operational efficiency and drive top-tier performance in any department - be it operations, maintenance, safety, or management - across industrial sectors.

Machine learning, engineered into solutions for industrial efficiency, safety, and profitability.

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Recent Project Highlight

Achieving Closed-Loop Control with Machine Learning

NEXGINEER Application: SmartLift (Smart Control) 

About the SmartPCP Project

In an industry-first initiative, SIG ML developed the SmartPCP solution using our Smart Control technology, tailored for the unique challenges of the oil and gas industry. This advanced system generates recommended setpoints, that can be applied to autonomously coordinate existing manual and Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controllers, significantly enhancing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) wellsite networks. This technology is deployed at scale in industrial control platforms, performing network-level optimisation of PCP well fields.


SmartPCP projects, powered by SIG ML’s Smart Control technology, have demonstrated remarkable results. The system achieves 98% accuracy in recommending optimal setpoints, ensuring highly reliable automation of control adjustments. There has been a 95% reduction in manual tasks, significantly freeing up workforce resources and reducing the potential for human error. The solution uniquely achieves a triple objective — boosting production, reducing power usage, and extending equipment run life. This is accomplished through dynamic optimisation that intelligently adjusts operational parameters in real-time

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Value, Delivered.

Engineering Verified Accuracy

Engineering Time Savings

Value-Add Projects

Assets Using Industrial AI Solutions

Over 500 million data points are processed to streamline and automate engineering decisions, every day.

"We are now moving toward a large scale roll out and look forward to partnering with SIG and realising $Ms of value in our business."

Engineering Team Leader, ASX100 Gas Producer

What is
Industrial AI?


Industrial AI involves the application of artificial intelligence (AI) within industrial operations. This technology can be used to streamline and automate decision-making processes in operational settings to significantly boost operational efficiency and asset performance.

Machine learning (ML), a subset of AI, is integral to Industrial AI solutions.  ML-based models are engineered to predict or estimate outcomes relevant to engineering workflows that enable engineering teams to effectively optimize and manage industrial operations.

At SIG ML, our Industrial AI solutions leverage advanced ML models to analyse complex data and deliver actionable insights. These insights inform decisions that enhance surveillance, maintenance, optimisation, forecasting, and strategic planning. As a result, our solutions prepare organisations to meet future challenges with agility, enhancing performance and sustainability across industries.


Key Value Drivers

1. Maximise Efficiency

Streamline operations with reduced manual oversight, decreasing repetition in operational tasks and increasing overall process efficiency.

2. Maximise Asset Performance

Enhance operational performance through real-time insight and intelligent automations, which significantly reduce downtime and optimise performance.

3. Minimise Cost & Emissions

Proactively monitor and maintain systems to prevent costly operational failures and reduce environmental impact.

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Empowering Engineers with Advanced AI Systems

NEXGINEER enables engineers to engage directly with machine learning technology, rethinking traditional problem-solving and embracing innovative approaches to their challenges. Whether enhancing existing operations, adding parallel capabilities, or pioneering new solutions, NEXGINEER provides the tools necessary for success in today’s dynamic industrial environments.


Start an Industrial AI Project

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Who We Are

SIG Machine Learning (SIG ML) stands at the forefront of Industrial AI technologies, offering solutions tailored for critical industrial sectors such as oil & gas, mining, motorsports, and utilities.

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