Providing Engineering Led Machine Learning Solutions

Enabling Simpler, Smarter Operations


Harness the Competitive Edge that your data provides.




Unearthed ExploreSA: The Gawler Challenge

A.I.-Augmented Mineral Exploration



Unearthed Wells of Knowledge Challenge

A.I.-Augmented Drilling Operations

ADI Awarded


Accelerated Discovery Initiative awarded from Department of Energy and Mining, South Australia.

Machine Learning in Exploration Project.

Project commenced July 2021.



Partnering with Kelvin Inc. to build A.I.-Augmented Control Systems.

Deploying A.I. Solutions with leading exploration and production companies in Queensland.

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Products & Services Overview

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A.I.-Augmented Asset Management

Providing Actionable Insights  and Remote Automation capabilities

Example: Fleet Assets in Oil & Gas

'Codifying' Discipline Knowledge across multidisciplinary teams into data-driven systems.

Link day-to-day tactical challenges with strategic value drivers through multivariable, A.I.-driven insight and automation systems. 

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Combine the elegance of data science with the often messy and nonlinear nature of  business operations.

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What exactly is Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can be used to predict outcomes and recognise patterns in data. AI-ML can be used to create intelligent and autonomous systems. If your business collects data, AI-ML can be strategically applied to improve safety, efficiency and reliability of business operations.

We use a suite of comprehensive calculation and modelling engines to provide end-to-end intelligent software solutions to uncover smarter ways of working. 

Bringing together domain specific knowledge with data and analytics to deliver innovative solutions. 

We are strong believers in collaboration and co-innovation. We have in-house analytics engineering professionals who collaborate with your multidisciplinary teams to implement existing analytical tools or generate new pioneering digital applications.

It can be challenging to identify how to implement intelligent and autonomous systems in small and large businesses alike. We've developed simple, flexible and scalable workflows that enable us to provide services ranging from simple ‘proof of concept’ scenarios to full project management and integrated digital solutions.


Sam, Founder of SIG Machine Learning

"We're trying something different. We start with the end user, the engineers, geologists, marketing advisors, business analysts... We strive to combine domain-specific experience, knowledge and creativity with our simple and scalable workflows to deliver innovative, digital products. That's the SIG difference."