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Harness the competitive edge that your data provides.

Machine Learning is a powerful tool to recognise patterns in data to deliver enterprise solutions.

SIG Machine Learning Pty Ltd. offers custom, user-friendly digital products to help deliver value and achieve commercial objectives.


Is Machine Learning right for your business?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can be used to predict outcomes and recognise patterns in data. AI-ML can be used to create intelligent and autonomous systems. If your business collects data, AI-ML can be strategically applied to improve safety, efficiency and reliability of business operations.

As a machine learning consultancy, we use a suite of comprehensive calculation and modelling engines to provide end-to-end machine learning, artificial intelligence and software solutions to uncover smarter ways of working. 


Delivering value for your business

Bringing together domain specific knowledge with data science to deliver innovative solutions. 

We combine physics and advanced mathematics with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning to connect data in a meaningful way to realise value for your business.

We are strong believers in collaboration and co-innovation. We have in-house data science and engineering professionals who collaborate with your multidisciplinary teams to implement our existing ML products or generate new pioneering AI strategies. To successfully integrate digital, intelligent and autonomous systems across a business, the digital and subject matter experts must go on the product development and implementation journey together. Through effective stakeholder engagement, simple workflows and clearly explaining the models, we help enable your people by explaining how AI-ML works and how it can be used to improve business operations.

It can be challenging to identify how to implement intelligent and autonomous systems in small and large businesses alike. We've developed simple, flexible and scalable workflows that enable us to provide services ranging from simple ‘proof of concept’ scenarios (for those projects you’d like to understand and either succeed or ‘fail fast’ with) to full project management and integrated digital solutions.


Insights at the push of a button.

Machine Learning could enable your people to have more time to focus on what matters.

For us, it’s all about helping your business implement a safer and lower cost operating model. We can provide end-to-end machine learning solutions to provide the people in your business with automated decisions and real-time actionable insights. Together, we can find ways to automate repetitive tasks and low-level transactions and use the advancements in computing power to run millions of scenarios in seconds. 

Digitisation and autonomous, intelligent systems are here to stay. Connect with us to find out how AI-ML can be applied strategically in your business.


Sam, Director at SIG Machine Learning

"We're trying something different. We start with the end user, the engineers, geologists, marketing advisors, business analysts... We strive to combine domain-specific experience, knowledge and creativity with our simple and scalable workflows to deliver innovative, digital products. That's the SIG difference."



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