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Industrial AI Solutions

Engineering-led, AI-driven systems to 

Optimise Asset



NEXGINEER   builds machine learning into intelligent tools for engineers in industrial operations.

These systems accelerate data analysis, improve decision-making, and boost operational efficiency.


Industrial AI for next-gen engineering.



Our pre-built AI solutions for industrial applications, with physics- and engineering-informed machine learning models built into recommendation engines.



Deploy and run industrial applications, on schedule, and on-demand, integrated into engineering processes.


NEXGINEER   Applications

Industrial AI, built into engineering solutions.

Asset Surveillance

Machine Learning For Surveillance of Assets.

Application: SmartSurveillance

Asset Optimisation

& Control

Machine Learning For Advanced Control of Assets.

Application: SmartLift

Equipment Failure


Machine Learning For Proactive Failure Identification.

Application: SmartIntervene

Performance Forecasting

Machine Learning For Automated Forecasting Adjustments.

Application: SmartForecasting

Operating Strategy

Machine Learning For Strategic Decision Support.

Application: SmartStrategy


Optimise your operations
with ML-driven optimisation models,

1. Configure Objectives

2. Review Actions

3. Run Scenarios

4. Compare Baseline vs. Scenario

Equipping engineers with access to machine learning modelling tools, whether they come from a data science background or not.

Recent Projects

Closed-Loop Control of Gas Fields

with a SmartLift application.


Dynamic Race Optimiser for Motorsports

with a SmartSurveillance application.


Mineral Targeting in South Australia

with a GIS-adapted SmartSurveillance application.


Start an Industrial AI Project

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NEXGINEER: Engineered for Industrial Excellence on AWS

Our NEXGINEER applications and platform are developed on Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing a robust and scalable foundation that supports a wide range of secure connections and integrations. This setup enables us to leverage managed infrastructure that scales effortlessly to meet industrial demands, ensuring our solutions grow with your operations while maintaining high performance and efficiency.

Architected for Industrial Operations

  1. Scalability & Integration: Our solutions efficiently handle large-scale industrial data sets from diverse sources such as historians, data warehouses, and spreadsheets.

  2. Fully-Managed Pipelines: We manage all aspects of data ingestion, processing, and model delivery, optimising the deployment of AI-driven insights and reducing the workload on your teams.

  3. On-Demand Configurability: Engineers can tailor ML-driven scenarios to specific needs through our intuitive interfaces, allowing for quick adjustments to changing requirements.

  4. Collaborative Engineering: Our engineering experts provide ongoing support and training, ensuring smooth implementation and maximising the value of our solutions.

Hosted on AWS, the NEXGINEER applications supports both internal deployment and integration with selected third-party systems, such as control system integrations and deployments. This flexibility ensures that, regardless of your chosen deployment method, our solutions remain secure, reliable, and highly adaptable to meet your specific operational needs.

NEXGINEER provides a flexible, scalable, and integrated platform for transforming industrial operations. Our collaborative approach, combined with the strength of AWS, ensures that your organisation can achieve new levels of efficiency, reliability, and innovation.

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