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About SIG ML

About SIG ML

SIG Machine Learning (SIG ML) is a pioneering Australian technology company at the forefront of innovative software solutions dedicated to the optimisation, management, and control of complex industrial assets.

With our unique expertise in embedding domain-specific knowledge into machine learning frameworks, we curate autonomous, intelligent software solutions.

Industry-Led Technologies

SIG ML was founded on the conviction that the broader industrial sector can achieve heightened sustainability and efficiency through tailored AI-driven technology built from industry experience.

Drawing inspiration from hands-on roles across various industries, we merge engineering principles with machine learning to craft intelligent applications. These digital tools are specifically designed to streamline and optimise large-scale asset operations across diverse sectors.

As trailblazers in the realm of translating engineering know-how into smart control and decision-support software, our mission remains steadfast: elevate asset performance, reduce costs, and reduce carbon footprint across industries.

By partnering with us, organisations can gain a strategic advantage, transitioning into a future where decisions are data-driven and operations, autonomous.

Industry-Led Technologies at SIG Machine Learning



At the heart of our innovations is NEXGINEER™, our exclusive platform that hosts an array of intelligent applications meticulously crafted by engineers with extensive industry experience.


These solutions address pivotal challenges within the industrial sector, ensuring operations are not only smarter and safer but also seamlessly streamlined.

By leveraging AI-driven insights, NEXGINEER™ optimises machinery and streamlines the engineering monitoring and analysis processes. This synergy empowers operational teams with the tools to harness actionable insights, facilitating swifter, data-driven decisions, and setting a gold standard for modern engineering excellence.

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Sam Bost, SIG Machine Learning


Founder, Managing Director

Jackson Searle, SIG Machine Learning


Analytics Engineer

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