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About Us

SIG Machine Learning (SIG ML) is an Australian software company that combines engineering principles with advanced analytics and machine learning to deliver

Industrial AI solutions. 

Our Team

Led by industry-experienced engineers, we specialise in translating engineering know-how into Industrial AI solutions to elevate engineering efficiency across industries.

Sam Bost


Founder and CEO

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Jackson Searle


Analytics Engineer

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Kalani Samarathunga


Full Stack Engineer

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Sian Hughes


Marketing Manager

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Leading Industrial AI Solutions

At SIG ML, we are at the forefront of Industrial AI, delivering tailored solutions for key sectors including oil & gas, mining, motorsports, and utilities. Our solutions are designed to empower engineering teams with intuitive, intelligent tools that maximise the benefits of Industrial AI.

Our experienced engineers transform in-depth engineering knowledge into practical Industrial AI solutions. We manage and implement comprehensive Industrial AI projects that enhance asset performance, reduce costs, and provide a competitive advantage.

At the core of our approach is a commitment to engineering excellence. We integrate advanced engineering principles and physics-based insights into robust, effective, and user-friendly data-driven models. Our flagship suite, NEXGINEER, includes a range of Industrial AI applications and a versatile platform that supports on-demand ML-based optimization modeling. This combination enables our clients to achieve exceptional operational efficiency and a strategic edge.

Why SIG Machine Learning?

Team meeting

1. Engineering

At SIG ML, we ground our work in the principles of engineering and physics, developing machine learning solutions tailored to address modern engineering challenges. We focus on simplifying complex tasks and significantly enhancing decision-making efficiency. Our solutions require minimal input from your engineers—often just 15 minutes per week—allowing them to focus on essential tasks. We handle the complexities of ML integration, ensuring our solutions seamlessly augment workflows without burdening your team.


We are committed to empowering your organisation with data-driven decision-making tools. Our solutions are built to be scalable and adaptable, ensuring they evolve with your operational needs and continue to deliver value. As strategic partners, we dive deep into understanding your challenges, ensuring our solutions not only meet but exceed your operational and strategic goals.


2. Value


3. Industry 

Leveraging our extensive cross-industry experience, we continually push the limits of what's possible with industrial machine intelligence and optimisation. Our track record of large-scale deployments, especially in automating and optimising engineering decisions via advanced closed-loop controller applications, stands testament to our capability. We deliver substantial ROI, enhancing asset performance and operational efficiency across the board.

Value, Delivered.

Engineering Verified Accuracy

Engineering Time Savings

Value-Add Projects

Assets Using Industrial AI Solutions

Over 500 million data points are processed to streamline and automate engineering decisions, every day.


Industrial AI Solutions

SIG ML team at boardroom


2023 Core Hot 30

CORE Innovation Hub’s Hot 30 is a curated list of technologists and entrepreneurs driving innovation across Australia’s most important industries: mining, energy, resources, oil & gas, space and defence.

SA Govt Energy and Mining

ADI Round 2 Project: Greenfields Gawler target generation - from ExploreSA to exploration.

Origin Energy

Winner - Data driven Learnings Prize

Winner - Innovation Award

Gawler Challenge

Winner - Future Data Award

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