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Industrial AI Projects

Get Started With SIG Machine Learning

Step 1: Consult & Strategy Session

Consult and strategy session

Objective: Understand your objectives and unique challenges.


Process: Schedule a meeting with our engineering team to discuss your current operations, pain points, and goals. We’ll explore how our solutions align with your needs and outline a strategic approach tailored to your organisation.

Step 2: Solutions Demonstration (~1-2 Hrs)

Solutions demo

Objective: Showcase of how Industrial AI solutions work and their potential impact on your operations.


Process: We provide a comprehensive demonstration of our solutions, highlighting key features, benefits, and the value they bring to similar challenges faced by your organisation.

Step 3: Discovery Project (8wks)

Solutions Trial

Objective: Test Industrial AI solutions in your environment.


Process: Engage in a discovery period where you can explore our solutions in a controlled segment of your operations. This phase allows you to assess compatibility, usability, and effectiveness, ensuring it meets your expectations and requirements.

Step 4: Solutions Deployment (6M)

Full network deployment

Objective: Seamlessly integrate Industrial AI solutions into your operations.


Process: Following a successful discovery phase, we proceed with a larger-scale trial of our solutions across your operations. Our team will support you through the implementation process, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your daily activities.

GS Form

Step 5: Implementation

Continuous Improvement

Objective: Implement solutions to drive long-term success.


Process: This phase involves the full implementation of Industrial AI solutions within your operational framework. Our partnership doesn’t end with deployment; we are committed to your continuous success. We offer ongoing support, updates, and expert consultations to ensure our solutions not only meet current demands but also adapt effectively as your operations evolve and new challenges arise.

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