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Applied A.I. Projects


Nexgineering Workshops

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Applied A.I. Projects.

We offer managed Applied A.I. projects with the goal of enabling digital transformation without business disruption.

85 percent of AI projects are said to deliver poor outcomes this year (Gartner).

That's not a statistic we've seen or plan to see and here's why.

We are discipline-led, outcome-focussed and value-driven.

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Define Problem Statement.

Engage SME's.

Scope Integrations.

Align on Deliverables.

Collect & Connect.

Clean & Transform Data

Exploratory Analysis

Train & Calibrate Models

Assess Model Performance

Assess Business Fit

Deploy Solution

Actionable Insights & Automation

Value Capture

Forward Planning

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Nexgineer   Workshops.


'Nexgineering' - Next-Generation Engineering.

A hands-on workshop that describes and demonstrates the emerging digital toolkit for engineers.

Workshop Includes:

1/2 day interactive session

Up to 20 participants

Remote or in-person

Designed by Engineers, for Engineers.


Key Topics

Emerging Technology

Engineers in 2030

Skills for Success 

Machine Learning Introduction

Applied A.I. Exercise 

"The Nexgineer workshop is fantastic. Insightful and hands-on. Applied A.I. exercise is the highlight. Highly recommend." - Production Manager, O&G Operator

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