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Our Solutions

Data-driven, intelligent software for businesses with operational assets.


What We Do

Our suite of intelligent applications combine engineering expertise with big data analytics and machine learning to empower businesses to transform their operations, drive efficiency, and unlock new insights.


Software to bridge the gap between strategic objectives and day-to-day operations.

Save Time with SIG Machine Learning

Save Time

Reduce Costs with Save Time with SIG Machine Learning

Reduce Cost

Reduce Emissions with SIG Machine Learning

Reduce Emissions

Reduced engineering and operator time through automation.

Lower operational costs by earlier detection of optimisation opportunities.

Reduced carbon emissions and electricity costs.

Optimise Production with SIG Machine Learning

Optimise Production

Increased production through network-level coordination.​

Modern Work Space

Our Unique Approach

Solving major industry challenges to drive a more sustainable, efficient energy future

SIG ML products are built upon advancements in IT-OT connectivity, cloud computing, and AI. Our modular design enables tailored solutions for your specific assets and operational needs. With us, tackle diverse challenges such as operational efficiency, production enhancement and emissions reduction.


We specialise in processing real-time time-series data, geospatial data, and image data. 

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NEXGINEER Platform - Next-Gen Engineering


Empowering the energy sector with AI technology for optimised operations.

SIG ML’s NEXGINEER suite of intelligent applications brings next-gen engineering to the energy industry. 

Our modular framework includes applications for intelligent control, smart asset management, and AI-supported resource exploration. We're ready to customise solutions to meet your unique needs.


Core Capabilities

Industrial AI

Intelligent Control

Intelligent Control Solutions

Network-level, coordinated control of assets.

Smart Asset Management

Smart Asset Management

Predictive operations, predictive maintenance, decision support and process automation.

Exploration AI

AI-driven Targetting

Machine Learning for Mineral Targetting

Integrating AI into mineral targeting.

Get Started Today

Get Started Today

1. Select your industry.
2. Select a product.
3. Select or request applications within the product to be tailored to your needs.
4. Define the project scope and kick-off a trial.
5. On success, deploy solution at scale.
6. Continuous Improvement to optimise the solution to evolving needs.

Ready to create a more efficient, optimised, and intelligent energy sector?

Going Over Plans
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Product Spotlight


Intelligent Control for Artificial Lift Systems

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Delivering real-time network optimisation and control solutions.

Gas Plant

Smart Asset Management Products


intelligent control of artificial lift systems (PCP, ESP, SRP).



Network-Level PCP Optimisation


Network-Level ESP Optimisation


Network-Level SRP Optimisation


Turndown Management Automator


intelligent operations of well fleets.


SmartLift Plus

Auto-Event Detection

Exception-Based Surveillance


Multivariable Loss & Performance Allocation Engine


Integrated Prediction Suite for Streamlined Intervention Planning

Auto-Failure Diagnostic Tool

Intelligent Control Products

Recent Release

SmartLift Plus

Network Optimisation Software

SmartLift Plus - AI-based Exception-Based Surveillance


AI-driven Exploration & Asset Management Solutions

Construction Site

Smart Asset Management Products


Integrating AI into Mineral Exploration



Data Integration Suite

Integrated Targetting Strategy


Mineral Systems Led AI Targetting


intelligent operations of processing assets.



Auto-Event Detection

Auto-Failure Detection

Exception-Based Surveillance


Multivariable Loss & Performance Allocation Engine

Intelligent Exploration Products

Power & Utilities

Power & Utilities

AI-driven Network Management Solutions

Wind Turbines

Smart Asset Management Products


intelligent operations of network assets.




Auto-Event Detection

Auto-Failure Detection

Exception-Based Surveillance

Multivariable Loss & Performance Allocation Engine

Measure. Predict. Optimise. Automate.
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Supporting Services

In AI technology implementation, the absence of hybrid support spanning both discipline-specific and analytics areas can be a stumbling block. We uniquely address this by offering essential hybrid skill services for our product implementations.


Feasibility Analysis

Feasability Analysis for AI-based Projects

Our skilled engineering team can assess if intelligent control and insight systems suit your business. We will meticulously evaluate your historical data, surveillance systems, and asset management, and propose a strategic plan tailored to your needs, free from long-term commitment obligations.


Data Integration & Management

Data Services for AI-based Projects

Our specialists will simplify and support the integration and delivery of data sets needed for advanced analytics. We're prepared to unify various data sources, establish streamlined data delivery protocols, and enhance data quality and accessibility.


Hybrid Engineering Support

Engineering Support for AI-based Projects

Our Hybrid Engineering Support blends the talents of our discipline and analytics experts to enable a smooth transition to advanced software. Our team is poised to partner with yours, providing the crucial, wide-ranging support necessary for successful AI-driven technology implementation.

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