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Breaking the Mold: SIG ML's Industrial A.I. Business Surpasses $1M Milestone Pre-Funding

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Sam Bost and Jackson Searle

SIG Machine Learning Pty Ltd. (SIG ML) is an Industrial A.I. start-up based in Australia, driving sustainability and efficiency for the energy and resources sector by making industrial machines smarter and asset operations easier.

SIG ML has just reached a new milestone with more than $1M in FY revenue to date, with 3X revenue growth two years running.

These milestones come from a team of just two (not a typo!) asset operator experienced engineers with business partners across Australia and the U.S. to deliver digital and automation software on accelerated timelines.

The company was founded on the conviction that more can be done to support front-line teams with emerging technology such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence (A.I.).

SIG ML’s core technology is the Smart Asset Manager (“Smart-AM”). Smart-AM provides three key capabilities: Intelligent Control, Predictive Maintenance and Process Automation.

The most impactful Smart-AM application to date has been the SmartPCP(TM), an Industry-First A.I.-Augmented Advanced Process Control (APC) application for artificial lift (pumping) systems in oil and gas assets. The SmartPCP(TM) is currently operational on Kelvin A.I.’s Industrial Automation platform.

This breakthrough is enabling interconnected, autonomous, intelligent operations of hundreds of remote assets for a safer, more sustainable energy future. For more information or a demo, please visit the SIG ML website:

Having proven the efficacy of intelligent control technology at scale, the company is now looking to expand its reach and help more customers achieve their sustainability and efficiency goals. SIG ML is exploring funding options that will enable them to accelerate their growth and bring their innovative solutions to a wider audience. With their proven track record and commitment to innovation, SIG ML is poised to play a key role in shaping the future of industrial automation and sustainability in the energy sector.

Commenting on the recent success, Founder and Managing Director Sam Bost said: “We want to express our sincere gratitude to our customers for their support and trust in SIG ML. Your collaboration and feedback have been invaluable in driving our continued growth and innovation. As we look to the future, we are more focused than ever on delivering customised solutions that help our clients achieve their goals and contribute to positive change in the industry."

To discuss opportunities for intelligent control, predictive maintenance or process automation, SIG ML is now accepting new projects for Q2 2023 and beyond.

Our details are below, to get in touch or follow the journey!

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