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Intelligent Control Proven at Scale for Australian Gas Producers

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Sam Bost presenting

NOVEMBER 2023 UPDATE: Small But Mighty - Brisbane's SIG Machine Learning Unveils AI-Powered Control System for the Energy Sector - Read Media Release here

In the oil and gas sector, three key objectives in operations include maximising production efficiency, minimising operational costs and accelerating the transition towards net zero emissions.

To address these critical goals, SIG Machine Learning (SIG ML) has developed an intelligent control software that leverages engineering-led, AI-driven algorithms to deliver real-time network-level optimisation and control of wellsites.

Traditional control systems, developed before AI-driven systems were available to connect to remote assets such as wellsites, require operators to configure and tune a controller on each well on a well-by-well basis. Engineers are then required to monitor the performance of each well, each day, to advise on optimisation opportunities. This process of manual tuning, updating controller settings, and monitoring wells for static setpoint adjustments was time-consuming and susceptible to outdated parameters, resulting in inefficiencies such as excessive downtime and carbon emissions.

At SIG ML, our focus is not only on exception-based surveillance for optimisation opportunities but also on ‘closing the loop’ and addressing the root cause of the need for the repetitive optimisation tasks: the availability and capability of control systems deployed on each wellsite. To tackle this challenge, we have partnered with, an industry leader in Industrial Automation, to develop SmartPCP™, the first AI-driven control system to be deployed at scale.

SmartPCP™ is a module of our smart.lift product that provides intelligent control for well networks with progressive cavity pumps (PCP’s) installed. Through extensive trials in both open- and closed-loop settings, SmartPCP™ has demonstrated exceptional capabilities, coordinating the control of hundreds of wellsites and reducing configuration requirements by over 95% compared to previously used PID-based controllers. This milestone achievement is a significant advancement in the energy industry, offering simplified and streamlined operations for well networks, resulting in time, cost, and emissions savings through more advanced control systems.

By revolutionising control system capabilities, SmartPCP™ empowers energy companies to optimise production, protect critical equipment, and intelligently respond to complex network behaviors.

We’re excited to explore how SmartPCP™ can deliver a more sustainable and efficient energy future. For more information, please contact our team.


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