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The Key to ‘Smart Assets': Domain-Embedded Software

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Transitioning to Data-Driven, Autonomous Operations

Lots of smart assets


For businesses that operate high-performance industrial machines, on the ground or in the air, the quality and quantity of decisions made each day directly impact operational sustainability and efficiency.

This impact resonates across various sectors, whether it's energy, mining, renewables, or Formula One. Across these diverse fields, the ultimate objective remains consistent: enhance asset performance while effectively managing time and cost, all with a focus on reducing emissions.

As industry leaders push for lower cost, higher performance assets, there’s a growing emphasis on leveraging technology to streamline and automate repetitive, manual processes, transitioning to more data-driven, autonomous operations.

A key strategy to reach this goal is integrating more domain knowledge into machine learning technologies, ushering in domain-embedded software that can be used to advance the capabilities of existing asset control and management systems.

The Challenge

Whether it's a control room operator in oil and gas, a process engineer in mining, or a race engineer in motorsports, the universal challenge is optimising asset performance under stringent time, cost and operational constraints.

Traditional control systems, frequently used in these sectors, often lack the capacity for seamless integration across assets, and require routine, manual tuning and configuration on an individual asset basis. This limitation leaves substantial room for improvement when it comes to multivariable, multi-asset optimisation.

In many scenarios, decisions are made based on limited data, adding a layer of uncertainty and risk. This predicament underscores the essential role of advanced, data-driven insights and actionable intelligence. The ability to swiftly analyse and act upon complex data translates into more informed, strategic decisions, enhancing asset performance and operational efficiency in the process. The integration of domain-embedded software into these systems further augments this capability, promising more comprehensive and efficient asset management and optimisation.

The Opportunity: Domain-Embedded Software

In a world driven by data, domain-embedded software stands at the centre of transformation. In many industrial sectors, a one percent gain in asset performance delivers millions of dollars in additional revenue. Translating extensive data into actionable insights and smart automation is now more than a need – it’s a necessity. Embedding more knowledge into the technology you rely on daily, enhances scalability and repeatability. Key Benefits include:

  1. Enhanced Performance Achieve optimal asset functionality and reliability, ensuring peak performance.

  2. Cost-Efficiency Substantially reduce operational costs by streamlining and automating processes.

  3. Time-Savings Free up valuable engineering and operator time with more intelligent control systems, and accelerated, data-driven decision-making and problem-solving.

  4. Emissions Reduction Contribute to environmental sustainability by minimising your carbon footprint.

Additional Benefits include:

  1. Resilient Operations: Thrive amidst industry complexities with robust, intelligent control systems.

  2. Innovation Leadership: Set new industry standards by integrating cutting-edge, domain-embedded software.

  3. Scalable Solutions: Seamlessly expand your operational resources with adaptable, forward-thinking technologies.


In an era where enhancing asset performance and reducing emissions is paramount, domain-embedded software stands out as a key enabler. It seamlessly integrates domain knowledge into algorithms, ensuring smarter and more efficient asset management and control solutions, leading to significant reductions in operational costs and carbon footprint.

This technological evolution symbolises a future where operational excellence and environmental responsibility harmoniously coexist.

Embrace the future with SIG Machine Learning, your partner in realising optimised and sustainable operational solutions. Embark on a new journey of efficiency and innovation.

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