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5 Critical Signs Your Control System Needs An Upgrade

industrial control system

Control systems are essential for operational efficiency and productivity in industry. These systems are based on diverse mathematical models designed to stabilise and optimise the performance of real-world operations. However, like any model, control systems necessitate regular reviews and updates to stay effective.

Enhancing a control system often means integrating advanced features that extend its functionality, rather than a full replacement. Here are five signs that your system might benefit from such enhancements:

1. Frequent Manual Interventions

Manual interventions

If engineers or operators are constantly required to manually adjust the control system settings, it indicates that the model may not be adequately adapting to process dynamics. Enhancing your system with more autonomous features can reduce the need for manual oversight, freeing up your team to focus on strategic improvements.

2. Inability to Maintain Stable Operations

Stable operations

Stability is crucial for any efficient control system. If you're noticing fluctuations or instabilities in your process variables, it could indicate that your system is struggling to maintain desired setpoints. Incorporating advanced control algorithms can help stabilise and optimise performance while reducing inefficiencies.

3. Difficulty Adapting to Complex or Evolving Processes

adapt and evolve

A control system that cannot adjust to new or complex processes might be outdated. Adding flexible control solutions designed for complex, dynamic environments can ensure your system evolves alongside your operational needs.

4. Poor Integration with Other Systems

integration with other systems

Effective communication with other systems is essential in today’s interconnected industrial landscape. If your current system struggles with integration, consider enhancing it with solutions that ensure seamless connectivity and data exchange, improving overall operational synergy.

5. Lack of Data-Driven Insights

data-driven insights

Modern industries thrive on data-driven decision making. If your system fails to provide actionable insights from the data it collects, it’s time to think about integrating advanced data analytics capabilities that can transform raw data into strategic intelligence.

Embracing Smarter Operations with an Enhanced Control System

Recognising these signs early can prevent operational disruptions and optimise process efficiency. Enhancing your control system with smart technologies isn’t just about technological upgrades; it’s about equipping your team with the tools needed for smarter decision-making, increased efficiency, and ongoing innovation.

With these smart solutions, like SIG ML’s SmartLift, engineers can experience a significant reduction in manual tasks, thanks to automated setpoint adjustments that adapt to real-time data, thereby boosting productivity and operational effectiveness.

With the right enhancements, your control system can remain robust, agile, and competitive, ensuring your operations are well-equipped to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving industrial environment.


SIG Machine Learning offer a suite of next-gen engineering software, designed to equip engineers with more advanced, intelligent systems to drive value, every day. Reach out to discuss how we can help your control systems and organisation perform at its best.


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