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Upgrade your Oil & Gas Tech with Smart Control

Updated: Apr 18

well site pump

Looking to boost efficiency and cut down operating costs?

Operate well fields with fewer downhole sensors?

It's the challenge we’re all facing: our wells outnumber our engineers. We want to operate more wells with the same amount of engineers, but the current way of doing things just can’t keep up.

Right now, we use software to spot problems and then spend a lot of time figuring out what to do about them. It’s a slow process, made even slower by the fact that the controllers we rely on were designed over a century ago. They're tough, robust, proven, but they're not built with intelligent capabilities for today's world. They can’t handle the amount of data we have, connect our assets together, operate with failed sensors, or adapt to new situations autonomously. This takes more time away from engineers and operators, every day, with manual and repetitive configuration tasks.

What’s Next? Smart Control.

Let’s change the game.

Instead of the old, manual way of tuning control systems, imagine you outline desired outcomes with examples and the system autonomously handles similar cases in the way you want going forward, using machine learning to get smarter over time.

This is Smart Control - managing hundreds of wells without the constant need to adjust settings for each one.

The Impact? 

Imagine the efficiency gains when you're required to set only two parameters for every 100 wells, as opposed to juggling two or more setpoints for each individual well. The simplicity, the time savings, the reduction in complexity – it's not just an operational shift; it's a strategic advantage.

Sounds Great! But It’s Not Easy.

Implementing Smart Control is no small feat. It requires shifting from traditional methods to a tech-driven approach. But here’s the good news: our track record speaks for itself. With our deep engineering expertise and proven success in deploying advanced technologies, SIG ML is uniquely positioned to tackle this challenge head-on. We understand the complexities involved and have the skills and industry partners to ensure our solutions are robust, scalable, and ready to meet the demands of modern operations.

Ready to Make the Switch?

It’s time for oil and gas tech to catch up with the times. If you’re interested in seeing how Smart Control can make your operations smoother and more efficient, let’s chat.


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